Using Chain in Your Earring Designs


Creating your own earrings can be fun and rewarding. You can choose out your own colors, materials, metals, and even the length and style that you wish to have for great earrings. You can even choose to make the perfect pair of earrings to match your favorite necklace, top, or even dress. You can choose to make earrings for holidays or specific occasions or make them for gifts to give to all of your family and friends. Whatever you decide, one great option for earring design is adding chain links.

Why Chain?
Chain comes in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. You really have a lot of choices when you choose to work with chain. This can add fluid movement to your earrings and can be mixed with other media for great looks. You have the power to add all sorts of great objects, beads, and colors to your chain of choice. This can make for a great element within your earring design because of all the choices and also because of the amount of movement that it provides.

Chain for Style.
Choosing a larger chain will make it so that the chain is really a style part of the earring design. In fact, large chain links can make up the majority of the piece and be accented with beads or smaller chains in a variety of ways. You can choose links that are the same size or have a chain with links of different styles and sizes. You can get chain with ovals, circles, squares, rectangles, and even fancy shapes such as hearts and stars for a wide range of never ending possibilities.

Chain for Dangles.
You can use chain as dangles on a drop earring. This can add length, movement, and an element of design to a plain and boring earring. Finish these dangles off with a good accent bead and you have the perfect mix for a great pair of earrings.

Chain for Movement.
This article has certainly said that chain can provide movement which is very true. You can use it to be the earring for a piece that has a lot of movement and added color for effect. This can give a fluid looking piece and looks fantastic with gemstone beads.

Choosing Your Chain.
It is a good idea to begin designing a pair of earrings with a metal choice in mind. You can choose silver, gold, or copper and go with metals that are those colors or those materials. Choosing between gold tone and gold will often have to do with the price that the person is able to afford to pay since the difference in the color and the precious metal is a large one. Next they will want to figure out the beads they wish to add. The size, shape, and style bead will often effect what types of chain that the person will choose to go with it. Once the beads are picked out it is time to choose the chain. If choosing from your current supply the choice will probably be easy, but if buying chain your options open up much more so. You will want a small chain for the most movement and it tends to be a fluid movement. You will want a large chain to show structure and to have it be the earring and not just be a small portion of the earring. You can choose by shapes that work well with your beads and also by how you are adding your beads.

Working with chain and beads can be a lot of fun. Especially when creating great earring designs. You don’t have to work hard to come up with great options and it can be fun using the same chain or same type of chains for lots of different options.


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