The Very Best Earring and Ring Organizer


A Cheap, Easy Way to Organize Earrings and Rings. Works Great for Traveling Too!

Are you tired of pawing through that ‘earring drawer’ in your jewelry box for minutes on end, only to settle for a pair you can find the mate to, rather than the pair you wanted? Rings can be annoying to store, also.

Take yourself to the pharmacy section of Walmart, your grocery store, or any CVS or Walgreens. There you will find ”pill dispensers”. These are easy-to-clean, practically indestructible plastic containers consisting of individual compartments that range in size from about 3/4” of an inch square to large compartments about 3” x 2”. They also come in various groupings of compartments. The simplest is a rectangle about 8” long x 1” wide x 1” thick, with 7 single compartments about 1” square each. Each compartment has a snap-shut lid that opens individually while the rest stay closed. These usually come several to a package, easily under $5.00 for the pack, and in pretty pastel colors.

The larger dispensers can have 4 or more compartments for each day of the week [for those who take pills several times a day] and will be about a foot square, again about 1” thick. These larger containers cost somewhat more, but hold a whole lot more.

All these pill dispensers are at least semi-transparent. The best ones for keeping rings and earrings are of course those with completely clear, see-through lids, which you may need to hunt for.

The smaller ones will fit easily anywhere, and are ideal for a suitcase. The larger ones can be placed in a drawer or on a wide shelf. You can use sharp scissors to cut off all the little covers, making for even easier contents viewing. I prefer to take off the lids [with sharp scissors, the plastic cuts easily] on all but the dispensers kept in my suitcases.

When traveling, you will find the dispensers highly dependable–they are made, after all, to hold precious medications safely. They remain closed until you ‘snap’ them open.

Once you have bought your choice of container[s], organizing them can be fun. You can use labels or permanent marker to indicate the colors inside, My favorite method is to sort by color, and then use separate containers for my metallic items. This makes it easy to match an outfit or other accessories, so you can get going on your day.

Note that for the really large bangles and those extra-large rings, you are still ‘on your own’, organization-wise, but it is the smaller items that give all the lost/missing problems anyway.


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