Thank You!


– Wake Up.
– No, Thank you

– Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday

A simple, short, but still a nice way to say two beautiful words: “Thank You.”

These two magical words should be said when you are grateful to someone. Here are some great ways to say ‘Thank You!’. There can be a lot of reasons for which you may need to say the two magical words. Whatever you reason is, don’t use your harsh voice tone – you are not scolding someone! You are expressing your gratitude. Just say the two words simply, with a soft tone and of course, with a smile on your face. It is also a good idea to buy a gift or a bucket of flowers, maybe two of the best ways to say thank you. You can send a Thank You note with a bucket of flowers or with a card. The card can be a handmade one, as it will show how much you care. Or you can get a card from the nearby gift shop. Look for a card on which you can express your own feelings. Write the words “Thank You” in your own handwriting. Of course, you can also add some of your personal ‘touch’ to it, to show exactly what you feel and why are you so thankful to that person.

Sometimes, we may not need to know someone personally to say Thank You. If there is a stage performer or a player to whom you want to say it; then just a thumbs up with a smile could do the work!

A card or a bucket of flowers may not be necessary to say Thank You to your close ones. For them, just a hug and a smile and the magical words told from the heart might be enough.

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