Russian Jewelry

Women from all over the world adore the Russian Jewelry. After the Russian jewelry, there are also demands for Turkish Ottoman jewelry. Today, I will write about some Russian jewelry 🙂

  1. Traditional jewelry: Russian ancient necklace jewelry used perly( rods, sticks)- this necklace of freshwater pearls in the horsehair. Fresh water pearls shape like kidney shells.  They used pearls in ear rings, necklace, they wore these Jewry by their folk dress code. They had used “Koltki”  made from gold & silver. Koltki is the temporal part of the headdress, similar to ear rings. Another jewelry name Koltushi – image of birds, flower, mythological sirin, doll, Christian motifs were installed there. Kolodochka –it’s woven collar of chain now it’s long version used belt. Gribatka-  long type necklace & temple ring women used in 13th century in Moscow, burilals region. This ring owner of the area in which they belonged as like depend design on tribe, race.


Russian Royal Jewelry

2. Russian Royal Jewelry: There are many stories of Russian Royal jewelry. Specially the story of mysterious disappearance of the Russian crown jewelry of The great imperial crown, imperial diamond tiara. Most of jewelry designs are of flowers & have kinda similar design like Ottoman jewelry design.


3. Antique jewelry: these are very charming jewelry with perfect diamond cut and stone. They are simple like Victorian style.  Most of jewelry design base on floral, gothic,  enchanting designs. You can find this design jewelry want to purchase from amazon, ebay, etsy.

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