Picture Frame Earring Holder


Recycle that Picture Frame

It’s almost inevitable: broken glass in a picture frame. Although the frames themselves can last for many years the glass is a little more fragile. Once it gets broken you’re left wondering what to do with the frame. Sure, you can have a new piece of glass cut for it, but instead of doing that, why not make a standing earring holder? A picture frame with the glass missing is perfect for creating an organizer that can hold many pairs of wire earrings.

The type and size of the picture frame you use is up to you. It can be a metal frame, wooden frame or even a plastic one. Use a large frame or a much smaller one. Now you’ll decide on what type of material you want to use to make the earring holder.

Plastic canvas is one option for creating the grid that will hold the wire earrings. The canvas is found at any craft store and is available in many different colors. You can purchase it by the sheet making it the best choice for creating the earring stand. The sheets are not expensive and it will take only one piece of a sheet to make it.

Another choice is a piece of wire screen. You’ll find various screens at any home improvement store. However, if you have a small piece of screen at home you’re all set. If you’re buying screen purchase some that has a large grid pattern. Screens with small grid patterns might not accommodate the wires on the earrings. To give the screen a nicer appearance you can paint it gold or another color. Use paint made especially for painting metal and use a toothpick or similar implement, if necessary, to clear paint out of the holes.

Whether you’re using plastic canvas or a piece of screen cut it to the size of the frame. Use the backing of the frame as the pattern to cut the piece. Position the screen or canvas where the glass used to be and use hot glue or another adhesive to secure it.

Instead of sliding the backing into the frame as you normally would glue it to the backside. The extra space is needed between the screen and the backing to allow for the earring wires. If for some reason the backing isn’t large enough to cover the back it can be attached to a larger piece of cardboard. This piece, if you use one, should be really thin cardboard.

As with a regular framed picture you can set the earring holder straight up and down or turn it on its side to stand. The finished stand can be decorated in a variety of ways. If it’s a metal frame refrigerator magnets work well to create the look you want in seconds. With wooden frames any number of things can be attached, like a painted wooden shape, fake jewels, an artificial flower or another choice.

The picture frame earring stand is useful and allows you to take advantage of a frame with broken glass. Even though the stand doesn’t allow for earrings with removable backings it can hold many pairs of wired earrings and hoops. You’ll use it for many years to come.


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