Stress and Your Health


What is Stress Really Doing to Your Body? Stress is practically impossible to avoid, especially in our fast-paced society. Stress takes its toll on the body and has greater affects than many people may be aware of. When a person experiences stress, all of the senses become very focused and aware. The thyroid releases hormones causing metabolism to speed up. ...

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BBQ Cook-Offs in Iowa


Where to Find BBQ Cook-Off Information About Iowa Events Barbeque Cook-Offs are gaining in popularity across the United States. One of the states that really raises BBQ Cook-Offs to a new high is the state of Iowa. This state is the home of several BBQ Cook-Offs that are held throughout the year. They even have their own Barbeque Society, the ...

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The Very Best Earring and Ring Organizer


A Cheap, Easy Way to Organize Earrings and Rings. Works Great for Traveling Too! Are you tired of pawing through that ‘earring drawer’ in your jewelry box for minutes on end, only to settle for a pair you can find the mate to, rather than the pair you wanted? Rings can be annoying to store, also. Take yourself to the ...

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Picture Frame Earring Holder


Recycle that Picture Frame It’s almost inevitable: broken glass in a picture frame. Although the frames themselves can last for many years the glass is a little more fragile. Once it gets broken you’re left wondering what to do with the frame. Sure, you can have a new piece of glass cut for it, but instead of doing that, why ...

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Healthy Eating


Healthy Eating Lesson Plan Contextual Data: I used the food pyramid. You would want to use the most current guideline for healthy eating National Standards: Student will demonstrate the ability to access valid health information. Students will demonstrate the ability to practice health enhancing behaviors and reduce health risks. Students will demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family and ...

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Tips for Cooking for One


Vacuum-Seal It You are a senior adult, you live alone and you still enjoy home cooked meals. You have been the chief cook for many years for your family. Now you find yourself alone and preparing meals is more of a chore than a labor of love. You may find yourself throwing away groceries you bring into the house. Most ...

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What Flowers Need


Flowers need special attention in order to thrive. Below I will show how to prepare the soil and also give you the best tips on how to plant flowers. It may need a bit of prior homework before you see any flowers but, the effort is well worth it when you consider the gifts you will receive from your plants. ...

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Gardening on a Balcony


Home Gardening Can Produce a Balcony Farm Bumper Crop You may not be able to feed a family on what you can produce on your balcony or patio, but you’ll have the fun of watching things grow plus the special flavor of homegrown vegetables to help fill out a few meals. Here is some advice on setting up your balcony ...

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Using Chain in Your Earring Designs


Creating your own earrings can be fun and rewarding. You can choose out your own colors, materials, metals, and even the length and style that you wish to have for great earrings. You can even choose to make the perfect pair of earrings to match your favorite necklace, top, or even dress. You can choose to make earrings for holidays ...

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Health Tips


Colds and flu’s are commonplace in our society and they can put some of us out of action for quite a while. Not only this but colds and flu’s are easily passed on to other people and when one person in a house catches a cold or has the flu, it is not normally long before everyone else gets it. ...

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