Forest represents peace, and it also has a special connection with humans. Even if those left the forest tens of thousands of years ago, when they started to build houses, there was always a connection of people with the forest. Even today, the forest represents the place where people feel great. In the forest, you can relax for hours, just ...

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To my family: There are only 3 words that I want to say: I love you 3> You fill my heart with happiness & laughter, You always stand by me in good and in bad times. Dad is like the root and mom is like the tree, the heart of our family, Lightening our path in every step of our ...

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The Meaning Of True Love


“The course of true love never did run smooth.” ~ William Shakespeare Love is something that grows with time. Love is about respect, appreciation, a little selfishness and the will to accept all the characteristics of someone. Someone with whom you have spent a lot of time, both good and bad moments. ‘Love’ is not ‘true’ until it is returned. ...

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“If the music be the food of love, play on” ~ William Shakespeare To enter your home, you need the key – just like that. A key is needed to enter the human mind. Music is the key to the entrance of human mind. Music gives peace to your soul. Your mind may be unstable sometimes or you may feel ...

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A Long Distance Love Poem


It’s late night here now I don’t know where you are now Every night I pray to God to bring us together again I am waiting here to spend my life besides you I can feel your heart beats in my breath, we might be thousand miles away, but you’re always in my mind I am waiting for the day ...

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How To Be Yourself


‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.’ – Oscar Wild To be yourself, just don’t worry about ‘yourself’. Find ‘yourself’ first, analyze how you represent yourself and what others are thinking about you. Don’t change yourself just because someone told you to. Close your eyes and think what is right and what is wrong, and listen to your mind. Mind has ...

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The Inner Strength


You may have many dreams and promises to make, but sometimes you have to forget your dreams. Maybe you break your promises also. That happens when you have bad moments in your life. At that time, you’ll have to be strong. Don’t be uncertain about yourself, and don’t choose to renounce your dreams without trying. Every day is a new ...

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Once Out, Cook ‘Em Up


Will that Food Be Safe If You Stick it Back in the Freezer? You take a package of chicken out of the freezer for dinner. It sits out for a couple hours, but is still cold and has some ice crystals on it. Something happens to change your dinner plans, and you can’t cook the chicken tonight. Can you put ...

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Finding Your Zen Garden


Whether you live in the city or the ‘burbs, a small patch of serenity can make a difference. Often times it is difficult to find a place to relax at home, to reflect on the day or plan for the future. In the fast paced 24 hour society we have grown accustomed to, sometimes we have to create a refuge ...

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The Hottest Summer Jewelry: Stand Out with Statement Rings


Statement Rings are the newest and most unique way to express your summer wardrobe without sacrificing fashion. Here is some of the hottest designer Statement Rings created by some of the most sought after jewelry designers. The Hottest Summer Jewelry: The Smoky Topaz Statement Ring The Smoky Topaz Statement Ring is a Stephen Dweck exquisite design that has a round ...

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