Once Out, Cook ‘Em Up


Will that Food Be Safe If You Stick it Back in the Freezer?

You take a package of chicken out of the freezer for dinner. It sits out for a couple hours, but is still cold and has some ice crystals on it. Something happens to change your dinner plans, and you can’t cook the chicken tonight. Can you put it back in the freezer to save for another time? No. Nor with any meats. All meats and fish must be cooked, even if they’ve been out only a short time. Same with a TV style dinner; once out, it has to be cooked and eaten. Once cooked, meats and meat dishes can be put in the freezer, however, in case you’re one of those thrifty souls who makes big batches all at once, then stores a good part of them away for future dinners. Just be sure they’re well-cooked. You can re-freeze vegetables if they’re still covered with ice crystals. Cream pies should never be re-frozen. Those cans of juice concentrate; if they’ve been thawed so the juice has turned to liquid, you’ll have to go ahead, mix it with water and serve it. It won’t be safe to re-freeze it.

Old Farmer’s Almanac.


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