My Secret Crush


It’s just little crush
Not I like faint every time we touch
It’s just some little thing.

~ crush by Jenifer Paige.


The term secret crush is used to express secret attraction to someone. Having a crush on someone is a natural and normal feeling. Anyone can have crush on someone! However, the other person usually does not has any idea that someone is having a crush on him or her. Well, I also had a secret crush on a guy when I was a teenager. To me, that guy was someone who came direct from the sky. I couldn’t touch him nor I could talk to him but I had eternal feelings for him. I can still hear his sound in my ears. I wanted to talk to him but did not know where could I get him. He lives far away from me. I used to spend all the day thinking about him. He was present even in my dreams! He has green eyes and silky brown hair, he has a killer smile, and…he had my heart when I was young! He’s famous. He lives in America. He loves scuba diving and sky diving. He’s mysterious, he’s introvert, he’s amiable, he’s a true professional and he’s talented. He’s dashing, he’s maverick, he’s the secret agent of The Impossible Missions Force (IMF) – Ethan Hunt! He’s my first crush. He’s my Tom Cruise!


I don’t know if Tom will read this or not…Hey Tommy! You are my secret crush!


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Hello, readers. This is Dia! :) Most of the writings on this site are written by her. She writes on various subjects, however, she trusts her creator and never writes anything against any religion. She likes reading books. She also fancies rain, rainbows, flowers, forests and full moon. She dislikes narcissism, bad gossiping one's opinion on her. Education Qualifications: BBA, MBA.


  1. True. I think your man temper will be higher after reading your article.

  2. Ever green tom cruise.

  3. Its only crush not love.

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