Love Heart (Dedicated To The Fairy, Prince Charming)


I was waiting in your palace. Everyone has got a crush on you. You are handsome like any evergreen unknown flower. You have romantic and enchanting deer like eyes. You were standing like a peacock king. One of your eyes was covered by your fringe. It seemed like you were the king of a not known kingdom. And then I woke up. I looked up outside the window. The morning passed away already and the afternoon was coming to an end. I could not stop thinking about you. Perhaps never in this life. Just like the butterfly in my mind, you fly around in my mind garden. The wind was blowing gently. It felt like you were standing by my side.  No one understands me better than you do. Probably this is called soul connection, the deepest kind of relationship. The kind of relationship that is divine and lasts for eternity. Oh my prince, I don’t know where you are, what you are up to. My prayers are with you till the end of time. This is my loving heart, which I’m giving out to you.

About Dia

Hello, readers. This is Dia! :) Most of the writings on this site are written by her. She writes on various subjects, however, she trusts her creator and never writes anything against any religion. She likes reading books. She also fancies rain, rainbows, flowers, forests and full moon. She dislikes narcissism, bad gossiping one's opinion on her. Education Qualifications: BBA, MBA.


  1. does he fairy man or vampire?

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