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I was taking a walk in the garden. I noticed something between two trees, a ray of a bluish light – like it was coming from above the sky. The power of light was increasing as I was moving forward to it. At the end, it was so powerful that I couldn’t see anything and I closed my eyes. After a few seconds, when I opened my eyes…wow! I’m in a different place!

I looked around and saw people with wings. One of them came to me and said: Welcome to the fairyland! I’ll be your guide and your friend for this visit 🙂

Having that fairy beside as my guide, I made my journey to the fairyland. During the visit, we chatted a lot, I had many questions about fairies – well, I did not get all the answers – or even if I got, I don’t remember them all. Here are some thinks that were interesting for me:

1. In most cases, the stories talk about female fairies. People who believe in fairies, many of them think there are only female fairies, but that’s not true. The creator has sent human, Jinn and fairies with pairs. Yes, there are male fairies. In fact, my guide was a male fairy!

2. Fairies are not Jinn. They are two different races.

3. Fairies have fair, creamy butter colored skin. They have attracting deep eyes, and front bangs. Definitely they are more beautiful than you can imagine, and have perfect figures. If you see a fairy once, you’ll not forget the beauty of it till death.

4. Fairies do not live with humans, if they lived with humans – humans would be mad with them because of their attractive power and beauty. The kingdom of fairies is known as the ‘Fairyland’ and it is not on Earth. There are golden colored trees, flowers and corps in fairyland.

5. Fairyland is ruled by a king. Fairies do work for living. Some do businesses with sweets, perfumes and flowers.

6. There are different kinds of fairies like white fairies, blue fairies, red fairies, pixies etc. Both male and female fairies are attractive. Usually male fairies’ wingspans are larger than female fairies. Female fairies like to dress up and make up like peacocks.

7. Fairies are made of fire. They live for thousands of years.

8. Fairies are not greedy like humans. They prefer to live simply.

9. Time to write a few lines about my fairy friend and guide, he was gentle, calm and very nice to me. A neat and clean guy. He is the most handsome and coolest person I’ve ever seen in my life. One eye was covered with his silky black hair and the other eye had a deep attraction. I will never forget him. May he be blessed with all things good and live a prosperous life.

The last thing that I can remember now: my fairy friend and guide was busy in writing something in his journal with a black labelled-golden colored pen…

I opened my eyes and found myself on my bed. Ops! I was dreaming! But everything was so real that I still believe that the dream was true.

After searching a lot, finally I’ve found a picture!

This is a graphic picture, but the fairies I saw in my dream – they almost look like the picture below:

fairy painting


Photo Credit: Rachel Anderson

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  1. I love dia’s diary article very much. She write with so much love and dream. I would live to read more from her. keep up the good work.

  2. I like dia’s diary writing very very much. She writes with so much love care and dream. I wish to read more from her. wish her very best…

  3. She has given only hand picture but I like her articles especially fairies . her writing power is high level. Plz continue ur writing & I am eagerly waiting for her articles.

  4. Nice sprititual information.

  5. Wow. Does fairy man very attractive? I m gonna b crushed.

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