How to Make Your Own Necklace

A beautiful necklace can really complete an outfit; it can look elegant, individual and classy. But they can often cost a great deal of money and very often loads of people will have the same thing. Making your own can save money and it ensures that you get something that is entirely original and unique.

You will need:

A length of chain



Headpins or eye pins

Jump rings



Step 1 Cut the chain to the desired length (you can pull the links apart with the pliers)

Step 2. Pull the jump ring apart with the pliers, slide the clasp onto the ring, slide the ring and clasp onto the end link of the chain and close.

Step 3. Slide the bead(s) onto the head or eye pins, cut off the excess and make a turned loop.

Step 4. Open the loop slightly, slide the loop through the link and close.

Step 5. Repeat for the desired number of links. Attach a jump ring to the end of the chain (the end without the clasp)

Note; You can also make a double or multi layered effect by repeating this process, simply add all of the chains onto a jump ring and attach to the link. If there is not enough room, attach them to the jump ring, attach another jump ring and attach the second jump ring to the link.


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