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How to Maintain Healthy Hair

Many people today are suffering from hair fall, and they have no idea how to control it. Actually speaking they are totally confused, because everybody has their own idea to put forward. And you cannot abide by what everybody says. Each one has a different type of hair. Some have dry hair, some smooth, some curly and some silky. So, it is always advised that you use hair products which suit your hair.

Though, the external products which we use to control hair fall, differs from one person to another, the intake remains the same for everybody. I mean, the type of food we eat is the same to have health hair.

Causes of hair fall:
There are many causes for hair fall. It may be due to tension, imbalanced diet, and pollution. Some people also suffer from hair fall if their hair is not washed and cleaned regularly.

Eat healthy for healthy hair:
There is no particular food as such, that can be taken only to keep your hair healthy. The food that you take in to keep your body healthy will also keep your hair healthy. When you skip your food, in order to loose weight, keep in mind that you are indirectly causing harm to your hair. You body requires certain amount of nutrients, in specific quantities, everyday to keep you fit and healthy. When you are healthy your hair will also be taken care of. Never skip your meals for what ever reason.

Proteins are very important for healthy hair. It is said that your body requires about 50-70gm of protein daily to keep your body ad hair healthy. So make sure you consume protein rich foods like pulses, milk, curd, and egg. Intake of lots of fruits and salads is a must. Like proteins, 500gms of calcium is essential for your body. So, it is advised you take in at least 500-700ml of milk or curds daily. When this is not done, it could lead to hair fall.

You will also suffer from sudden hair fall, when you switch from being a non-vegetarian to a vegetarian. This is because your body will be tuned to the kind of food you eat regularly. The supply of proteins which is obtained from non-vegetarian, especially from egg is reduced, therefore causing hair fall. You can avoid this situation by consuming more of vegetarian food that are rich in proteins like, skimmed milk, pulses, curd and others.

Though cottage cheese, nuts and Soya are good sources of protein, they are equally good sources of fat. So, if you are suffering from heart disease or diabetes or even if you want to loose weight, stay away from them as much as possible.

Keep clean:
Always wash your hair regularly. Under normal circumstances it is advised that you wash your hair at least thrice a week. But if your hair is exposed too much, and is subject to pollution, that is in case you travel a lot or something like that, then you need to wash our hair almost every alternate day. You also need to oil your hair regularly to keep the moisture that is required.

So eat healthy and keep clean for healthy hair.


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