Full Moon


Few hours ago, I was walking alone on the rooftop of my house. It was a wonderful night of full moon. The city was illuminated by the moonlight. Nice wind was blowing. Clouds were flying in the sky & sometimes the black clouds hid the moon but it was quite impossible to hide the ray of light from the natural beauty. At that time I felt that someone was with me. I saw you walking beside me. The wind was blowing through your hair & your romantic eyes were looking enchanting in the twinkling moonlight. I was speechless as I took your hands but as like evaporation you disappeared. I cached your image in my heart on this full moon night.

About Dia

Hello, readers. This is Dia! :) Most of the writings on this site are written by her. She writes on various subjects, however, she trusts her creator and never writes anything against any religion. She likes reading books. She also fancies rain, rainbows, flowers, forests and full moon. She dislikes narcissism, bad gossiping one's opinion on her. Education Qualifications: BBA, MBA.

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