Flowers that Mean Truth

Closeup of yellow lotus flower beautiful lotus.

The truth, it can be interpreted to mean many things, such as honesty, accuracy, actuality, reality, integrity and sincerity. It is definitely a comprehensive term. How can such a term be represented with flowers? What if someone wanted to send flowers for this reason, what would they send? There are at least three flowers that have this unspoken meaning. They are Bittersweet, White Chrysanthemum and Lotus. Each of these is beautiful and interesting in their own right, but they could also be put together to create a really attractive and beautiful flower arrangement.

Bittersweet has flowers that are green. These green flowers are relatively small, only one quarter of an inch across. They have five petals each that are light green with a jagged margin as well as five sepals that are green and five stamens that have yellow anthers. The five petals that are light green in color are longer than the five sepals and tend to spread outward from the middle of the Bittersweet flower. Could this flower be in the group of flowers that mean “Truth” because often the “Truth” is Bittersweet?

White Chrysanthemum has large, white flowers that can come from one of the nine categories. These categories are determined by the ray flowers and disks arrangement, such as spider, pompon, quilled, incurved, intermediate and reflexed. The leaves of the Chrysanthemums are deeply lobed, aromatic and alternate. White Chrysanthemums give the sender the most varieties of flowers to include in their flower arrangement simply because there are so many categories of this flower to choose from. Surely there is a perfect one to include when creating or just ordering a “truth” arrangement of flowers.

Lotus are a type of water lily. It has large flowers and a thorny stalk. It also smells like stale wine. The large flowers are white, blue or pink an have fifteen or more petals that are oval with rounded ends and spread out. At the center of the flower is a flat seed case. The Lotus flower can get as big as ten inches across. This is a beautiful flower to add to a flower arrangement.

Usually Truth is a not usually a reason that warrants flowers. Not too often does anyone send or receive flowers for the truth. But it is nice to know that there is the possibility to send an arrangement that means “truth” if someone wants to.


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