Finding Your Zen Garden


Whether you live in the city or the ‘burbs, a small patch of serenity can make a difference. Often times it is difficult to find a place to relax at home, to reflect on the day or plan for the future. In the fast paced 24 hour society we have grown accustomed to, sometimes we have to create a refuge to regroup. Creating a Zen garden is one way the whole family can learn to relax and reconnect with nature and themselves.

Elements of a Zen Garden

A Zen garden can be a simple task from clearing away a space to create a rock garden with ornamentals, to a more time consuming project of building a sand garden with bridges and a fountain.

  • Making a rock garden consists of clearing away a space, removing weeds and debris from the soil, placing weed cloth over the soil and filling in the space with any rocks of your choice. Egg rock, white granite stones and pea gravel are just a few of the many choices available. One thing to consider is to possibly choose an area that already has no grass growing in it a sandy spot or dirt spot in the yard. Once the area has been filled in with rocks, curbing pavers will help keep the rocks contained. Placing Asian inspired ornamentals will complete the look of the rock garden also giving a focal point to the area.
  • Constructing a sand garden will require a bit more work. Once you have found the place for constructing the garden, prepare the plot as above. The addition of large ornamental statues like a Buddha, pagoda or large limestone boulders will again create a focal point of the garden.
  • To contain the sand within the garden the use of landscaping ties or a box constructed of 2×4’s may be used. Raking the garden is the fun part, children as well as adults will find peace and solace in this exercise.
  • Choosing to make a fountain a center point of your Zen Garden is another way to make the area relaxing by placing an element of water into your landscape. Designing a water fountain from natural objects, like large limestone or other found rocks are suggested. One of the easiest DIY ways of powering a fountain outside is to use, a solar powered energy source, otherwise it will require running electrical underground to an outside receptacle to power the pump. Solar powered fountain pumps are available for an affordable price with easy installation and are environmentally friendly.


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