Fear (Behind The Blue Eyes)


I heard that my family would be attending a party at night. The place was too far away from my home and I had an exam the following day. That’s why I was unable to attend the party. They informed me that they would return home late. I thought it’s better to live independently in an empty house. I was watching a horror movie in the evening. I was a little bit scared from watching that movie. Then I had my dinner as usual, finished studying (not much of study). Suddenly the electricity had gone off in the whole area. I peeped through the window. It was storming heavily outside. After that, I went to sleep. Suddenly I heard footsteps. It sounded like heavy boots. I woke up and went outside my room and said, “Hello! Tell me if anybody is here! Mom, dad, are you all back?” I could see there was a shadow that looked like a man’s. Oh my god! The shadow vanished. I quickly ran up to my room and put a knife, torch light and pepper spray.  Then I listened to someone playing piano. The piano sound was coming from the drawing room. After reaching the room, I saw a man. He was sitting on the chair, playing piano. What an attractive rhythm! He wore black long coat, skinny black pant and black boot shoe with hat. He had sharp nose, red lips & chin. He looked like prince charming from fairytales. I was very angry and said, “How did you enter my house?” He took his hat off. He looked at me in the eyes. His eyes were like deep ocean blue, sparkling. His soft voice said, “Sorry, Miss. It is raining cats & dogs outside. There was no vehicle available on the road and the main door wasn’t locked.  I hollered but nobody answered.”  I said to myself if I shut the door after my parents left, how can it get unlocked? Then I replied to him, “Oh! I must have forgotten.”

I brought two glass of juice and cookies for him. Lit the candles. In the candle light he looked more dashing, still his blue eyes glowed so romantically. I offered him juice but he did not have it. His upper lips arrogantly said, “No need, thanks.” I noticed that he put off his finger ring and kept it near a flower vase. It was an antique finger ring. I started chatting with him about a lot of subjects. His name was Ian De cruse. I said, “How old are you? Let me guess. 27 to 29 or 30? Yea…… 29.” He said, “No, my lady. 220 years.” I was laughing. “You’re joking with me. I think you look like a quiet person and it doesn’t seem like you can joke around.” He smirked and said, “I am not joking. Once upon a time I was a powerful landlord who had everything. Fame, intelligence, power. Yes, I was a good piano player too. My enemies had given poison in my food. I had fallen ill. The poison slowly killed me. My physician told me that I was going to die slowly. But I learned a ritual to stay alive forever and it was a success. After getting better, I had killed my chef. Soon after I punished all my enemies. I heard that they also had murdered my parents and siblings. I am a skinwalker but I’m alone. After my birth, my mother said that my blue eyes were as attractive as my grandmother’s.” When he was talking to me I saw his backside.


“You are a skinwalker!” I exclaimed. “Yes, I am,” said Ian. Then I touched his face. I retracted my hand immediately. It’s cold like a dead body. Silence fell over the room. His eyes were still sparkly. His breathing sound was so intense like I had never heard it before. Then I saw his horrible scary face, I never had imagined that scary face behind that charming look. I was screaming and running in the empty house. I shouted for help but no one came. He came running after me and finally caught me.  I closed my eyes out of fear. I thought I was done. Right at that moment the electricity came back.  The storm stopped. When I opened my eyes no one was standing in front of me. I thought it was a hallucination which was triggered from the horror movie I watched earlier. The situation seemed to be strange. The bell was ringing for a long time. I opened the door. My parents were back! They were stuck for the rain. Entering the house my mom said, ‘Whose finger ring is that near the flower vase?’  I went to the drawing room and was scared. Is that his finger ring? That’s not a hallucination! Then I went up to my room and found a message. It said: Dear my lady, after a long time I have talked to a human. I’m feeling better. I will never regret passing time and having memories with you.~ Ian

I still keep his ring. Recall his charming looks and how can I forget his deep ocean blue eyes. But whenever I try to remember his face, that scary face appears before me! Sometimes I hear his voice whisper in my ears. I think when Ian was human, he was the man that every girl has ever dreamed of. After he became a skinwalker he started looking like a monster but his blue eyes were still the same.


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  1. i like seductive male vamp image.

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