To my family:

There are only 3 words that I want to say: I love you 3>

You fill my heart with happiness & laughter,

You always stand by me in good and in bad times.

Dad is like the root and mom is like the tree, the heart of our family,

Lightening our path in every step of our lives.

You may have many friends in life,

But the time spent with your own brothers and sisters can’t be compared with anything.

The little members of the family are like gifts from Heaven, it really feels heavenly when we are with them 🙂

The joy of seeing a newborn and watching a little baby growing…

The love of a family is a blessing from God.

Death can only take the body, but the memory remains in the soul,

I know my parents will no longer be with us one day,

But before that day, I need to make some good memories with them,

When that day will come, I will be left with those memories and my prayers to God:

Please be kind to my parents as they were kind to me.

About Dia

Hello, readers. This is Dia! :) Most of the writings on this site are written by her. She writes on various subjects, however, she trusts her creator and never writes anything against any religion. She likes reading books. She also fancies rain, rainbows, flowers, forests and full moon. She dislikes narcissism, bad gossiping one's opinion on her. Education Qualifications: BBA, MBA.

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