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I read this little article today and I still can’t stop laughing. The story relates to a school in Nigeria, YabaTech, which has apparently decided to enforce some sort of dress code for its students. According to the news article, “The Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, has made a resolution to take a stiff disciplinary action against students who wear indecent apparels in the school premises. This was disclosed by the rector of the institution, Mrs. Margaret Ladipo…..” I am just a bit confused as to why an institution of higher learning, at this day and age, should concern itself with the dress code of its students. I believe this is absolute rubbish and this emphasis again a culture of misplaced priorities in a nation which has simply lost the plot. Students in this school are undergraduates and should not have to worry about stupid and illiterate policies that stipulates what they have to wear. In a country where a lot of graduates are simply unemployable, the rectors and the like should be worried about improving the quality of education they provide rather than concern themselves with the see-through apparels of some female students. Then again, one is not surprised at news like this anymore. A Judge recently dismissed a juror for wearing an FCUK t-shirt! The puritanical judge probably thought FCUK meant something else!

So the Pope finally apologised to the Irish catholics for years of abuse suffered at the hands of pervert priests! The abuse was described by the Pope as ”shameful and hateful” While the apology has being largely welcomed, there is still a lot to be said about the Church’s years of silence regarding this issue. Abuse claims were simply swept under the carpet, where they could not, a lot was done to pervert the course of justice. It still makes me feel that this is just the tip of the iceberg, more revelations are still out there waiting to burst forth. A lot of these paedophile priests were transferred probably to Africa to spread the ‘Good News.’ With the African culture, I am quite sure a lot of allegations of child abuse were probably swept under the carpet and allowed to fizzle out. Ah, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Better be careful the way you flaunt your wealth. A Belgian judge has being accused of supporting hooligans by claiming that an attack victim was to blame, apparently, for drawing attention to his wealth in a poor area! Wow! Next time you fat cats are driving around poor areas in Belgium in your Jags and Rolls, better pray that some hooligan doesn’t attack you and claim what you own, you might not get any justice.


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