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Now that summer and wedding season are both drawing to an end you may find yourself with a one or two bridesmaid dresses. Even though they were very beautiful and perfect for your friend’s wedding, you know you’ll never wear them again.

Many organizations are looking for your dress and can put it to good use. From deserving girls who cannot afford a prom dress to empowering women in Africa, your unwanted bridesmaid dress can completely change someone’s life. So don’t pack it away just yet! Check out some of these donation ideas:

Help girls shine at their prom.

Imagine skipping your high school prom simply because you cannot afford a dress. gives young ladies the chance to attend prom who probably wouldn’t otherwise. They can help you find a local, non-profit organization close to your hometown.

All sizes are needed, however ,if your dress happens to be a woman’s size even better. Fairygoodmother’ based in Columbus, Ohio comments that they always have a greater need for sizes 14 and up.
These groups help girls look fabulous from head to toe. They not only need your bridesmaid dress but your shoes, jewelry and purses as well. This is great for those dyed shoes and matching purse you know you’ll never use again.

Many of these organizations also need a huge group of volunteers during prom season. If you have a little time to give you can see firsthand the difference these unwanted bridesmaid dresses can make.

Help grant wishes for cancer patients

Although they mainly deal with bridal gowns, will accepted special occasion and sets of bridesmaids dresses. Check out their website for current needs. This is also the perfect opportunity if your bride is unsure of what to do with her wedding gown. This organization holds events around the country to resell the donated gowns. The money raised is used to grant wishes to terminally-ill breast cancer patients.

Help women around the world help themselves

If a global project is more your style look into They work with organizations to help women and children in Lea Toto, Africa and Darra- i-Nur, Afghanistan who are suffering from abuse and poverty. The women transform or use the materials in your gown to create products to sell. Creatung and selling their own goods allows them a path to dignity, support, and self-esteem. You will even receive a $25.00 shopping credit for your donation.

So don’t let that bridesmaid dress sit in the back of the closet. It could really change someone’s life.


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