Cute Love Poems

You Are The One

You are the one who’ll always care,

You are the one who’ll always be there,

You are the light that brightens my day,

You are my path that shows the way!



My Cupid,

Once upon a time, something happened to me,

and it was the sweetest thing ever.

An imagination, a fantasy, a dream came true in my disordered life.

It was the day when I met you.

When you hug me,

When you take me into your heart,

My all colorful dreams become true,

As warm as the winter sun.

Love Only Me!


Look Into My Eyes

When the sky breaks and the sun rises, come close to me,

Look into my eyes,

My lips can’t speak but eyes say I’ve no distance in my heart,

My love will wash all your sorrows.

You are my cupid that flies so high,

You are the sun that lights the sky,

You are my life, the one I hold.

The wave of my love will wash your all sorrows of the past.

May God open the window of heaven to shower you with lots of blessings.



…And baby if you’ll agree to be mine –

We’ll make history too,

We’ll beat Romeo and Juliet,

Together, Me and You!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Missing You

Last night I was thinking about you,

A teardrop rolled out of my eyes,

My soul asked the teardrop – why you rolled out from the eye?

The tear drop said ‘a guy is so nice in your eyes”.

It’s only you.

Every moment of the day, you are in my thoughts,

Your kiss, touch, words – everything means the world to me.

You made me miss you too much!!!


Look Into My Heart

Look into my heart,

And see what I am saying,

The heart says the truth,

And the truth is…

I love you.


Love You Forever

My love for you is higher than the sky above,

Deeper than the deepest sea,

It has no limitation.

In your voice, I hear it,

In your smile, I see it,

In your touch, I feel it;

I love you too;

All and everything of yours,

I love you today,

I will love you tomorrow,

And I will love you forever.


How Much I Love You

It’s tough for me to describe how much I love you. We have passed though many bad and good times. We share the same things, we try to understand each other, and we try our best to be best friends, soul mates. When I look into your eyes, I can see how much you care.

Sometimes, I feel lost and out of touch, but when you hold me into your arms, I feel safe – like I am in heaven. In my dreams, you take my hands and we walk in heaven, to watch the sunrise together.

Do you remember our first kiss? Then, I realized that you are the only person who is supposed to kiss me for the rest of my life. That kiss was the best gift ever! Because I feel so lucky that I’ve got it from you, and at the same time, so scared that it’ll go away. I want it only from you forever.



True Love

My beloved,

I love you so much with all my heart and soul.

My love will stay there for you, always, forever.

I want to love only you,

You’ve brought so much happiness in my life.

You are my true love, the one who fills up my life with joy,

You are the brightest light,

Which makes my life full of beautiful things every day.

True love is a treasure,

A gift given by God without price,

But only they will get it who understand the meaning of it.

It’s like a little piece of heaven,

The brightest blessing of God.

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