Catkin Forest


I am in the beautiful Catkin forest now. As far as I see, there are only lush pastures of white catkin forest. Green, sharp leaves, soft white petals like white bird feathers. There is no building, no human, I am on the middle of the road, both side covered with deep catkin forests.

The catkin flowers bloom in the fall season. In this season, you can see the white clouds floating around the blue sky. The catkin forest beautifies the nature. If the vampires knew about this place, then definitely they would want to live here (Specially, demon Salvatore & Elina Gilbert!).

The catkin flower is one kind of grass type flowers. The catkin trees are 10 to 15 meters in height. The forest grows in unrestricted areas like mountains, islands, hill tracks etc. the catkin flowers are white and silver in color. The strange thing is the petals do not fall in to the grown, instead they float away with the air, from one country to another country.

The origin of the catkin forests is Bangladesh. You will never see such gorgeous catkin forests in any other country.


Well, wherever there is evil, there is good too. Vampires do not live in the catkin forests, but the fairies wander around the catkin forest in the moonlit night. Fairies, the catkin forest together makes a dangerous beauty in the moonlit night!

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