Weird Laws

Americana at its best!


First, from the great state of Washington. In normal fashion, the police in Benton County, Washington received a call that a delivery van had been stolen. At first blush, there would appear to be nothing out of the ordinary about a stolen vehicle call. However, with this call, it became apparent things were not going to be normal. In fact, ...

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An Odd Thing


There was silence before the crash. The whirling of the engines stopped and Chris Cruz just grasped onto the arm rest and shut his eyes tight. It would only be a matter of seconds before the whole thing just scraped the landscape a thousand feet below. Maybe there would be survivors, he thought. Maybe I could be one of the ...

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Fear (Behind The Blue Eyes)


I heard that my family would be attending a party at night. The place was too far away from my home and I had an exam the following day. That’s why I was unable to attend the party. They informed me that they would return home late. I thought it’s better to live independently in an empty house. I was ...

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Rose (Life Story)


I have been watching the beautiful scenery of nature around. Wind blowing on my face. (Just feel dancing queen). Gosh……I feel very withered everyday. Yes, I am a red rose on tub who lives on the rooftop. I want to tell my life story through blowing in the soft wind. Bird, butterfly listen to my story. (I wish my story ...

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Full Moon


Few hours ago, I was walking alone on the rooftop of my house. It was a wonderful night of full moon. The city was illuminated by the moonlight. Nice wind was blowing. Clouds were flying in the sky & sometimes the black clouds hid the moon but it was quite impossible to hide the ray of light from the natural ...

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A Morning Tale…


The sweet sunlight shining upon my face woke me up in the beautiful spring morning. I opened my eyes slowly and got up from the bed. I opened the southern windows. My dad used to say “Morning shows the day.” I don’t know why it looks like a special day to me today. White clouds are dancing “salsa” in the ...

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The Scarlet Flower

Scarlet Flower

A Post-Victorian Englishman Finds Out that the Story of Belle and the Beast is True It was a chilly morning of November 5, 1923 when I discovered the disappearance of Sir Edward. It was not common occurrence for a gentleman of high origin to vanish overnight without a trace. Should such an incident happen, it would certainly have caused no ...

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Information About The Real Fairies

fairy painting

I was taking a walk in the garden. I noticed something between two trees, a ray of a bluish light – like it was coming from above the sky. The power of light was increasing as I was moving forward to it. At the end, it was so powerful that I couldn’t see anything and I closed my eyes. After ...

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