Russian Jewelry


Women from all over the world adore the Russian Jewelry. After the Russian jewelry, there are also demands for Turkish Ottoman jewelry. Today, I will write about some Russian jewelry 🙂 Traditional jewelry: Russian ancient necklace jewelry used perly( rods, sticks)- this necklace of freshwater pearls in the horsehair. Fresh water pearls shape like kidney shells.  They used pearls in ...

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The Hottest Summer Jewelry: Stand Out with Statement Rings


Statement Rings are the newest and most unique way to express your summer wardrobe without sacrificing fashion. Here is some of the hottest designer Statement Rings created by some of the most sought after jewelry designers. The Hottest Summer Jewelry: The Smoky Topaz Statement Ring The Smoky Topaz Statement Ring is a Stephen Dweck exquisite design that has a round ...

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The Very Best Earring and Ring Organizer


A Cheap, Easy Way to Organize Earrings and Rings. Works Great for Traveling Too! Are you tired of pawing through that ‘earring drawer’ in your jewelry box for minutes on end, only to settle for a pair you can find the mate to, rather than the pair you wanted? Rings can be annoying to store, also. Take yourself to the ...

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Picture Frame Earring Holder


Recycle that Picture Frame It’s almost inevitable: broken glass in a picture frame. Although the frames themselves can last for many years the glass is a little more fragile. Once it gets broken you’re left wondering what to do with the frame. Sure, you can have a new piece of glass cut for it, but instead of doing that, why ...

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Using Chain in Your Earring Designs


Creating your own earrings can be fun and rewarding. You can choose out your own colors, materials, metals, and even the length and style that you wish to have for great earrings. You can even choose to make the perfect pair of earrings to match your favorite necklace, top, or even dress. You can choose to make earrings for holidays ...

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The Value of a Diamond Ring


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They are beautiful and rare. Maybe you’re in the market to buy a diamond engagement ring or you’ve already received one from your fiancée. However, you’re not sure what size the diamond should be. Most engagement rings are under on carat. Anything over that, the cost will sky rocket. Most couples choose to go ...

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Wedding Ring Options


Diamond & Precious Stone I would like to tell you a little story. My husband and I have been through five years of ups and downs relationship until we reached our time planning for our marriage. We also have years of unsuccessful plans due to some financial matter, but we are still eager to wait for the perfect time. I ...

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How to Make Your Own Necklace


A beautiful necklace can really complete an outfit; it can look elegant, individual and classy. But they can often cost a great deal of money and very often loads of people will have the same thing. Making your own can save money and it ensures that you get something that is entirely original and unique. You will need: A length ...

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The Necklace

The Necklace

A Story of Forgiveness Things were not going well. Ellen was silent, even though the view from the taxi cab window was enough to make even the most seasoned traveler gasp with child like wonder. Ellen’s silence was not one of speechlessness; she was bottled up tight and letting nothing through. Steven stared out the opposite window at the same ...

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