Catkin Forest


I am in the beautiful Catkin forest now. As far as I see, there are only lush pastures of white catkin forest. Green, sharp leaves, soft white petals like white bird feathers. There is no building, no human, I am on the middle of the road, both side covered with deep catkin forests. The catkin flowers bloom in the fall ...

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Grow a Culinary Cooking Garden: Landscape Design for Cooks

Culinary Cooking Garden

Both gardeners and cooks can learn landscape design tools that will create a culinary cooking garden to be enjoyed all season. Susan McClure, author of Culinary Gardens, shows how form meets function in the backyard with her new book. Culinary Cooking Learn to create culinary cooking gardens that make delicious meals at home and are beautiful to behold as well. ...

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Finding Your Zen Garden


Whether you live in the city or the ‘burbs, a small patch of serenity can make a difference. Often times it is difficult to find a place to relax at home, to reflect on the day or plan for the future. In the fast paced 24 hour society we have grown accustomed to, sometimes we have to create a refuge ...

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Gardening on a Balcony


Home Gardening Can Produce a Balcony Farm Bumper Crop You may not be able to feed a family on what you can produce on your balcony or patio, but you’ll have the fun of watching things grow plus the special flavor of homegrown vegetables to help fill out a few meals. Here is some advice on setting up your balcony ...

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Caribbean Gardens


Everyone the world over loves flowers. Gardens are popular everywhere. Their beauty delights the soul; stirring romance and joy in some while being used to console and comfort others. In the Caribbean there is nothing like a moonlight stroll with the scent of jasmine wafting through the air to turn your thoughts to love. Gorgeous gardens are a reason many ...

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The Iris Garden


It was the 1950s and school was out for the summer. In early May, everything had turned that beautiful shade of green that comes once a year when spring gives birth to her first litter of foliage. Delicate fragrances filled the air from the sweet peas growing alone the fence row. We use to have just a plain lawn, but ...

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Salsa Garden 101


Reap the Whirlwind of Flavors from Your Very Own Backyard Each year I plant a Salsa Garden which comes in handy not only for the summer but with canning and freezing it will last us through the year. Creating your own garden is easier than you imagine. Once you have made salsa straight out of your backyard, you’ll never want ...

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Indoor Gardening

Herbs on a windowsill

Growing a Garden in an Artificial Environment. Is indoor gardening really a possibility? Can an average person grow a few garden or specialty vegetables and herbs indoors? The answer is yes. There is an indoor garden system to fit any space, situation, and budget for a person with a little ingenuity and effort. From a “Do It Yourself” system to ...

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