Catkin Forest


I am in the beautiful Catkin forest now. As far as I see, there are only lush pastures of white catkin forest. Green, sharp leaves, soft white petals like white bird feathers. There is no building, no human, I am on the middle of the road, both side covered with deep catkin forests. The catkin flowers bloom in the fall ...

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The sunrise, the sunset, the songs of birds, the butterflies…all these are the beauty of nature. The time of dawn comes from heaven. The romantic breeze blows your mind when you are in the nature, during the dawn time. That’s the divine beauty of nature. You can feel the beauty of nature everywhere, not only in the parks, mountains or ...

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What Flowers Need


Flowers need special attention in order to thrive. Below I will show how to prepare the soil and also give you the best tips on how to plant flowers. It may need a bit of prior homework before you see any flowers but, the effort is well worth it when you consider the gifts you will receive from your plants. ...

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Flowers that Mean Truth

Closeup of yellow lotus flower beautiful lotus.

The truth, it can be interpreted to mean many things, such as honesty, accuracy, actuality, reality, integrity and sincerity. It is definitely a comprehensive term. How can such a term be represented with flowers? What if someone wanted to send flowers for this reason, what would they send? There are at least three flowers that have this unspoken meaning. They ...

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Easy, Easy Flowers


Plant Some Low Maintenance Beauties to Enjoy This Year We love flowers all summer long…but, oh, the work. Why not try some nearly work-free blooms? Among the easiest for northern gardeners are those plants that only need to be thinned every few years. Until the thinning, a little rain is all they need. My favorites are Lilies of the Valley. ...

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Flower Fairy in the Snow


Anna Bella shivered under the ice-laden jonquil. She wished she were a leprechaun, with a sturdy green coat or a brownie wearing a snug coat of mouse-fur. She was a flower fairy, wearing a jonquil bell skirt, and jonquil petal shirt with hyacinth sleeves. She tucked her bare feet more tightly under the dubious protection of her skirt, and shivered ...

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