Buttermilk Grilled Chicken Breasts A Low-Fat Chicken Recipe for the Grill That’s Very Big on Flavor

Buttermilk Grilled Chicken Breasts

This recipe started with the desire to capture the taste of a favorite oven-fried chicken recipe on the outdoor grill. While the breadcrumb coating wouldn’t work well over an open fire, the fried chicken marinade still adds a delicious down-home flavor. Even better, the chicken breasts are briefly marinated in low-fat buttermilk. So, combined with the boneless skinless chicken breasts, ...

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Fresh-Brewed Tips for Offering Gratuity at the Coffee Shop


Baffled by the tip jar at your local café? Just like bartenders, baristas deserve a little dough for making your daily cup delicious every morning. Tipping etiquette can be a hard field to navigate, especially when it varies so much from culture to culture. While most of us are familiar with tipping our waiter and waitresses, hair stylists, and hotel ...

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Greek Cuisine: Small Farms and Ancient History: A Guide to the Culinary Influences of Greece

Greek Cuisine

With a strong tradition of home style cooking and small family farms, Greek cuisine, while sharing many similar characteristics other Mediterranean cuisines, has its own unique flavor that developed from a history more ancient that all but a few of the world’s societies. From the Ottoman Empire, Greece gets several popular dishes including Mousaka (a baked casserole of layered with ...

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Southern Cooking: Easy Chicken Breast Recipes

Chicken Breast Recipes

Try these delicious chicken dishes for a happy and well-fed family! Carolina Chicken and Wild Rice 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts 2 ¼ cups chicken broth 1 box wild rice with seasoning packet ½ cup red bell pepper, chopped ½ cup frozen peas, thawed 1 tablespoon olive oil Parmesan cheese Heat oil in a large skillet with a top. ...

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Once Out, Cook ‘Em Up


Will that Food Be Safe If You Stick it Back in the Freezer? You take a package of chicken out of the freezer for dinner. It sits out for a couple hours, but is still cold and has some ice crystals on it. Something happens to change your dinner plans, and you can’t cook the chicken tonight. Can you put ...

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BBQ Cook-Offs in Iowa


Where to Find BBQ Cook-Off Information About Iowa Events Barbeque Cook-Offs are gaining in popularity across the United States. One of the states that really raises BBQ Cook-Offs to a new high is the state of Iowa. This state is the home of several BBQ Cook-Offs that are held throughout the year. They even have their own Barbeque Society, the ...

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Tips for Cooking for One


Vacuum-Seal It You are a senior adult, you live alone and you still enjoy home cooked meals. You have been the chief cook for many years for your family. Now you find yourself alone and preparing meals is more of a chore than a labor of love. You may find yourself throwing away groceries you bring into the house. Most ...

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Teach Your Kids to Cook


Childhood is the best time to instill values and learn many different things. That is why, at an early age, it is advisable that you expose your kids to a lot of different activities apart from school. This will develop their flexibility, time management, and social skills all at the same time. There are many activities to choose from. However, ...

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