Laine Mcwhirt

I have lived and worked in the Missoula Valley most of my life. I am a freelance writer and emergency management specialist. 

Entering Costume Contests at Comics Conventions: How to Impress Judges and Other Cosplayers When Dressing Up at Cons

Comic Costume Contests

Many fans of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, and other pop culture genres enjoy creating and wearing elaborate costumes based on their favorite characters. The Japanese neologism “cosplay” was first coined to describe dressing up for comics conventions and other fan gatherings. Many major comics conventions have costume contests as part of their programs. The chance to show off their ...

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Salsa Garden 101


Reap the Whirlwind of Flavors from Your Very Own Backyard Each year I plant a Salsa Garden which comes in handy not only for the summer but with canning and freezing it will last us through the year. Creating your own garden is easier than you imagine. Once you have made salsa straight out of your backyard, you’ll never want ...

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Five Great Maxi Dresses


The maxi dress is fantastic summer attire. Nice and light, maxi dresses are nice and easy for those hot summer days. Not only are they great for comfort, they are also fashionable and pretty. Here is a look at some pretty and affordable maxi dresses. Victoria’s Secret Beaded Halter Bra Top Maxi Dress Victoria’s Secret offers up this gorgeous dress ...

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How to Make Your Own Necklace


A beautiful necklace can really complete an outfit; it can look elegant, individual and classy. But they can often cost a great deal of money and very often loads of people will have the same thing. Making your own can save money and it ensures that you get something that is entirely original and unique. You will need: A length ...

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