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Greek Cuisine: Small Farms and Ancient History: A Guide to the Culinary Influences of Greece

Greek Cuisine

With a strong tradition of home style cooking and small family farms, Greek cuisine, while sharing many similar characteristics other Mediterranean cuisines, has its own unique flavor that developed from a history more ancient that all but a few of the world’s societies. From the Ottoman Empire, Greece gets several popular dishes including Mousaka (a baked casserole of layered with ...

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Holiday Family Fun – Good Times at My Old House

Holiday Family Fun

When I was a child, my brothers and I had to make a visit to our grandparents’ home every holiday. My dad’s family always gathered at Mamaw and Papaw’s house. The home was in a country setting and there was plenty of room for all of our cousins to run and play. I recall many holiday visits. There was Christmas ...

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The Iris Garden


It was the 1950s and school was out for the summer. In early May, everything had turned that beautiful shade of green that comes once a year when spring gives birth to her first litter of foliage. Delicate fragrances filled the air from the sweet peas growing alone the fence row. We use to have just a plain lawn, but ...

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Donate Your Bridesmaid Dress


Now that summer and wedding season are both drawing to an end you may find yourself with a one or two bridesmaid dresses. Even though they were very beautiful and perfect for your friend’s wedding, you know you’ll never wear them again. Many organizations are looking for your dress and can put it to good use. From deserving girls who ...

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Wedding Ring Options


Diamond & Precious Stone I would like to tell you a little story. My husband and I have been through five years of ups and downs relationship until we reached our time planning for our marriage. We also have years of unsuccessful plans due to some financial matter, but we are still eager to wait for the perfect time. I ...

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