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How to Buy a Professional Women’s Suit for Interviews

indian women suit business

In this economy, any job interview is a reason to celebrate—but to wow your potential employer and land that job, you’ll need more than an impressive resume. You’ll also need a professional suit. Wearing a professional suit to an interview shows that you are serious about the position and about your career. But if you walk into Ann Taylor or ...

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Overtraining And Exercise: How To Identify Injuries And Prevent Working Out Too Much

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Rigorous workouts break down body tissues and cause cellular damage/microtrauma. If microtrauma cumulates from ongoing bouts of training, it could lead to overreaching (light form of overtraining) and eventually to overtraining syndrome which is the most severe form of overtraining. Overtraining syndrome represents the apex of training and non-training stressors tearing down the body at a rate faster than it ...

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Caribbean Gardens


Everyone the world over loves flowers. Gardens are popular everywhere. Their beauty delights the soul; stirring romance and joy in some while being used to console and comfort others. In the Caribbean there is nothing like a moonlight stroll with the scent of jasmine wafting through the air to turn your thoughts to love. Gorgeous gardens are a reason many ...

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Dress Code and Other Issues


I read this little article today and I still can’t stop laughing. The story relates to a school in Nigeria, YabaTech, which has apparently decided to enforce some sort of dress code for its students. According to the news article, “The Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, has made a resolution to take a stiff disciplinary action against students who wear ...

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The Value of a Diamond Ring


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They are beautiful and rare. Maybe you’re in the market to buy a diamond engagement ring or you’ve already received one from your fiancée. However, you’re not sure what size the diamond should be. Most engagement rings are under on carat. Anything over that, the cost will sky rocket. Most couples choose to go ...

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